About MassDivest



The mission of the MassDivest Coalition is to fight for a better future for Massachusetts retirees and citizens by divesting the state pension fund from fossil fuel companies and investing in a 100% clean and renewable energy future.


The Coalition consists of both organizations and individuals. Current members include unions, faith, climate, environmental, high school, higher ed student, faculty and alumni divestment groups, business and community groups. Following is a list of members as of 2/2017.

All Campus Divestment Collaborative
Alliance for Climate Education

Boston Teachers Union, Local 66

Climate Action Now, WMass
Divest Our Pensions Now
Educators for a Democratic Union
Mass Nurses Association
Resist the Pipeline
SEIU Local 509
SEIU Local 888
Sierra Club, MA
Trillium Asset Management
350 Central Mass
350 Martha’s Vineyar Island
350 Mass
Bristol Community College MCCC Chapter
Climate Action Business Association
Environmental League of MA
Franklin County CPR (Continuing the Political Revolution)
Greenfield Community College Professional Association (MCCC/MTA)
Mass. Society of Professors/MTA (UMass Amherst)

Mass. Teachers Association

Professional Staff Union (UMass Amherst and Boston)
Unitarian Universalist MA Action Network


The MassDivest Coalition approved a coalition structure in December of 2016.


The Coalition holds a general meeting monthly in person to advise and provide support for the the leadership team on statewide divestment actions and initiatives. The leadership team, called the MassDivest Coalition Coordinating Committee, meets weekly to implement legislative and direct action strategies.